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"The 1066 Malfosse Walk" 2nd Edition New for 2019. Neil Clephane-Cameron describes the six possible sites of the Malfosse, an incident at the end of the Battle of Hastings when Norman cavalry, chasing fleeing English fighters fell down a steep bank and many lost their lives. Neil brings the book up to date, with a new modern layout, new illustrations and a map to guide you on a tour of the sites.

"Conquest to Dissolution" Published 2019. A sequel to the Society's best-seller '1066 and the Battle of Hastings' and written by one of that book's co-authors, Keith Foord, this book covers the Normanisation and development of Battle and all of eastern Sussex from Pevensey to Rye and northwards to the Kentish border over a critical time for the development of England - 1067 to 1538. It is packed with interesting facts and little known stories, presented in a very approachable way.

Edmund Langdon and His World”, a Research Group investigation by Adrian and Sarah Hall into Edmund Langdon of the seventeenth century, a doctor of physicke and astrologer, and one of Battle’s more unusual characters.

"1066 and the Battle of Hastings" rated by Goodreads and a 'best seller' at English Heritage's Battle Abbey shop and at Battle Museum of Local History and Rother Books - all say it is the most balanced book out there about '1066'. First published in 2015 and re-printed in 2018 with updates to the Battlefield and Battle Abbey chapter. Collated by Keith Foord and Neil Clephane-Cameron, it was produced in time for the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. The book takes a fresh and logical view of the historic, geographic, dynastic and political factors which brought Harold and William to their epic encounter on 14 October 1066. Packed with facts, interpretation and illustration, the work which draws on the best analyses contains many original new maps and diagrams.

'The Brave Remembered' was published in 2014, 100 years after the outbreak of WWI, Authored by George Kiloh, it is a poignant and deeply researched book, giving a local but very typical picture of the effects of the Great War on a small town. Against a compelling illustrated account of the progress of the War, the book tells the story of some 500 Battle men who served in the Great War and explains what happened to the individual men. The stories include men from all walks of life, be they the heir to the last Webster baronet of Battle Abbey or a labourer who gave his address as 'in a barn'.


The above books are all BDHS publications and profits from their sales all go to support further BDHS projects. Discounts available for members when bought directly via BDHS.

Recent books by our President and Vice-Presidents

Professor David Bates' books

La Tapisserie de Bayeux 2019 – Co-author; William the Conqueror 2018 - Author; The Normans and Empire 2013 – Author; 1066 in Perspective 2018 – Editor; 911-2011, Penser les mondes normands médiévaux : Actes du colloque international de Caen et Cerisy (29 septembre-2 octobre 2011) - 2011 Editor

Christopher Whittick's books

How houses evolved: Houses in the Eastern High Weald of Sussex 1350-1750 Co-author 2018; Building Battle Town 1066-1750 2016 Co-author

Sylvette Lemagnen's books

The Bayeux Tapestry: a step by step discovery 2015 - Author; The Bayeux Tapestry 2019 - Author; La Tapisserie de Bayeux: une chronique des temps Vikings? 2009  - Author

An interesting selection of other local history and history related books written by members of BDHS is given below. Please note that these books have been published elsewhere or are self-published. We only sell BDHS published books directly, but as a courtesy to our members we give details of how their books can be purchased and will forward any enquiries made about these books via the 'Contact Us' form.

'The Battle Tapestry' published by Tina Greene, will be available from 30 November 2019 at Rother Books price £15. Tina describes the Tapestry project in detail, covering the relevant historical background and design of each scene, selection of materials, stitching techniques and many other facets of this fascinating work of art. Her book is fully illustrated with over 100 colour photographs, detailed diagrams and includes a list of all the stitchers! The book will also be available from Battle Museum when it is open. Also see below under 'artworks'.


Published in March 2019 'Battle at War 1939-45' sponsored by Battle Museum of Local History was edited by Adrian and Sarah Hall. 2019 was the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of WW2 and the book is intended to give a flavour of what the town was like then and also contains numbers of accounts from individuals of their memories. This book is on sale at BMoLH and Rother Books. The book may be mail-ordered exclusively from the Museum by making out a cheque payable to Battle Museum of Local History for £10.50 and sending it to : Battle at War, Battle Museum, The Almonry,  High Street, Battle, TN33 0EA


David Martin, together with his wife Barbara and others have authored and co-authored many publications concerning ancient and medieval farms, building and towns of East Sussex. Two of their latest books with one of the Society's Vice-President's Christopher Whittick, are 'How Houses Evolved: Houses of the Eastern High Weald of Sussex 1350–1750' and   'Building Battle Town - An Architectural History 1066-1759'. They contain much detailed research and copious illustrations. These books are available on-line.


Other recent history books by members include Charlotte Moore's 'Hancox' which is the story of  five generations of her family and of Hancox, a house in Whatlington. It is a complex but riveting story. The book is widely available from booksellers.Charlotte has also written some historical biographies for children about William the Conqueror, Elizabeth I and Florence Nightingale.

Also there are two books by Keith Foord published by Battle Methodist Church. The first, 'Battle Abbey and Battle Churches' is about all the churches of Battle, including details of the demolished Battle Abbey Church and all the churches that have come and gone or stayed since Battle Abbey started to be built in 1070. The second book, 'The Methodist Road to Battle' covers the interesting story of the two pronged development of Methodism across eastern Sussex, discussing Wesley's strong interest in the very east and then the role of Napoleonic era soldiers to the west. Keith's books are available from Waterstones to order. Also see Battle Methodist Church or directly on request by email to or phone 01424 777029. The books may also be purchased via Rother Books in Battle.


Clifford Braybook's book 'A History of the Parish Church of Battle' is a detailed in depth history of St Mary's Parish Church, Battle. Please use the 'Contact form' to check availability of this.


In the past the Society has published other books (below), now out of print, but they may be available from second-hand booksellers.


Members also produce artworks, the most notable recent example being the superb Battle Community Tapestry, a work by Tina Greene, which involved over 700 stitchers, that illustrates in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry the early years of Battle from 1066 to 1115. This is now on display in Battle and will occasionally go 'on tour'. Full scale and ⅓ scale facsimiles of the 'Battle Tapestry' and other related items are directly available from Tina.

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